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Rebar Detailing Services

VisionCADD is the home to highly skilled Rebar detailers offering the steel Rebar detailing services to the engineers, architects, designers and the general contractors.

With a strong exposure to a wide variety of projects, we are confident of the optimum accuracy in the reinforcing projects.

We offers the following Rebar Detailing Services:

VisionCADD implements its Rebar detailing services in various types of services such as residential and commercial buildings, industrial buildings, heavy foundations, skyscrapers, RCC bridges, parking garages and concrete masonry structures.

Sample of Rebar Detailing Services

At VisionCADD, our detailers gauge the design drawings effectively so as to coordinate the reinforcing steel items with the utmost precision.

We deal in both the RCC and the steel structures and follow the standard industry codes such as:

We make use of the latest software and technological tools to cater to the unique needs of our clients. With the software like Rebar CAD and Microstation, we develop the material lists in multiple formats and offer easy file sharing for our clients.

With the help of the steel Rebar detailing services; we always focus on developing stable buildings.

Our engineers create the proper bar bending schedules to ascertain the positions of the beams, columns, girders, walls and the other structural elements. We deal in the welded, bolted or riveted steel connection detailing, joint detailing and roof truss detailing.

Clients can get the following advantages:

No matter, to which geographical area your project belongs, our detailing team is knowledgeable about the applicable codes and standards, and we are always ready to offer you with fast and high quality Rebar detailing solutions.

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