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Structural Engineering Design & Detailing Services

VisionCADD is preferred destination of structural design and detailing services for the construction industry.

Structural Services

Each structure is different and hence we handle and engineer every project differently, generating high value results for our clients.

At VisionCADD; we have a dedicated structural engineering CAD services department, where we analyze and design structures that play a pivotal role in providing structural support and resisting loads. Our team members are skilled in delivering accurate analysis and handling structural design, stress resolutions, steel detailing and Rebar detailing projects with ease and efficiency.

Our in-depth understanding of structural engineering and detailed attention for structures like beams, columns and floors of a building enable us to promote a risk free environment for clients.

All projects that we take-up, are handled efficiently, as we strictly adhere to the international high quality design standards.

Core Structural Expertise:

Structural Design & Analysis

Streamlining design process and structural analysis, helps us identify project needs; hence deliver exactly what the client wants. We generate accurate simulations using the best structural engineering tools.

Detailing Services

Our engineers thoroughly understand and analyze the technicalities of structural steel detailing. Using highly advanced software tools, we extend drafting and detailing services with complete specifications.

RC Shop Drawings

Our critical understanding of reinforcement process makes us the best offshore RC Shop Drawing service provider. We are equipped with highly advanced software and tools for the same.

Steel Shop Drawings

We offer shop drawings with all the necessary details and information, for all types of prefabricated components, MEP installations and coordinated shop drawings.

3D Modeling

Our company extends well defined structural models of 3D foundation plans and structural layouts for all types of structures including building constructions, bridges, tunnels, power plants etc.

2D Drafting

At VisionCADD, we are adept in delivering highly accurate and detailed structural drafting services and design drawings for low and high rise structures for infrastructural, residential and commercial purposes.

Energy Evaluation Report

This report is prepared as per EN 15193 and DIN 18599 standards. It will give the energy consumption details, which is consumed by interior lighting on monthly & yearly basis. Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator (LENI) shows the energy consumption per annum m2.

Lighting Analysis Video Presentation

Lighting 3D model of entire interior or exterior area can be prepared in Video presentation format.

Lighting Analysis CAD Layout

Illumination calculations are shown in CAD format including isolines and illumination level at different points with installed luminaries details to submit the local authority for approval.

Concept & Design of Lighting Control system

Lighting Control can save energy using motion sensors. Operating no. of hours of Light can be reduced. Programming of control system can be done based on time schedule, season and occupancy to save energy.

Energy Modeling for LEED

We can produce simple or detailed energy models based on building envelop options, HVAC Systems / electrical systems details provided by Clients for LEED Building Modeling & Simulation. At the early stages of design phase, this information is useful in making decisions that will impact the energy usage of a building over its total lifespan. DOE-2 based eQuest modeling software is typically used for these tasks.

Software Used & Explore

Software Used: eQuest, DIALux, Comcheck, Visual

These software are used for simulation and create energy modeling.HVAC, Lighting and total Energy utility bills analysis reports are also prepared with help of these software.

Software Explore: EnergyPlus, AGI 32, IES

These are some more software, which are used for simulation and modeling in different countries for some more detailing and to fulfill local authority requirements.

Based in India, we have access to the best infrastructural facilities and resources. Ease of communication through the projects, high quality results, faster turnaround and cost effective service is what makes us the preferred choice for structural CAD engineering services outsourcing. Our client base includes structural engineers, developers, building contractors, engineering consultants and fabricators.

A rich experience of delivering CAD services for all types of structural engineering projects whether ‘big or small’ with seamless ease and efficiency has helped us earn goodwill in the industry and establish a client base across the globe.

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