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Reverse Engineering Services

Ultimate destination to outsource comprehensive reverse engineering services.

Reverse Engineering Services

Professionals at VisionCADD provide top-notch reverse engineering solutions to help clients build better products and streamline their manufacturing processes.

We have worked on reverse engineering projects for a gamut of products such as mechanical devices, stamping dies, casting patterns, power generation turbine blades, medical devices and consumer electronics.

Our company extends services, for virtually any object, we help create 2D drawings and 3D models from existing/already manufactured products, further analyzing and iterating for improved performance.

We use reverse engineering software such as Rapidform, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Geomagic with NURBS & IGES/ STEP, Pro/E and Rhino, and are equipped with tools like FARO Laser ScanArm V2 with 7 axis scan arm, Renishaw Cyclone scanner with accuracy up to 50 microns.

Core reverse engineering services:

Surface Analysis

Using surface engineering techniques on existing designs, we develop an array of wear resistant and corrosion resistant properties in material surfaces and coatings for improved quality.

3D Scanning & Archiving

We use the latest tools and scanning systems to conduct accurate 3D Laser scanning. We further organize and digitally archive the details into CAD files.

Dimension Measurement

Our experts carry out accurate dimension measurements and assist clients meet measurement challenges to build better products and processes.

Digitizing Services

At VisionCADD, we digitize with high precision leaving no scope for errors. Our expertise includes capturing contours, point by point measurements, z-axis elevations etc.

Design Modifications

We offer design modifications and reverse engineering solutions that add value to your products/processes, thus maximizing your ROI.

Design Reconstruction & Scanning

We articulately reconstruct machines and mechanisms, and create prototypes from 3D scanning data, probing, 2D drawing, sketches etc.

CMM Inspection & Analysis

Our engineers conduct CMM inspection and analysis for all types of machine parts, structures and components; this makes the process of geometry creation, quick, easy and accurate.

Manufacturing Drawings & 3D Models

We help our clients streamline manufacturing process and achieve high ROI, by delivering detailed assembly drawings, manufacturing detailing, production drawings and 3D models.

Production Inspection

Our approach towards production inspection is meticulous. We fix problems right at the offset and simplify processes; considerably bringing down, production time and expenditures.

Our engineers get a detailed insight into the product that needs to be reverse engineered. We accurately model performance surfaces and build prototypes, eliminating manufacturing defects if any.

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