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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

Helping clients overcome complex engineering challenges with FEA expertise.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

At VisionCADD; we deliver end-to-end FEA solutions driving your projects from concept to reality. We help you achieve a design that withstands loading conditions, does not deflect excessively or yield to excessive vibrations during operation and is thermally and structurally stable.

Our FEA team has handled projects involving product design and development, analysis for fitness of a product or facility, forensic investigations, accident recreation and many more.

We have delivered FEA solutions across industry verticals like automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, energy, electronics and semiconductor, plastics, manufacturing, tooling, consumer products and many more...

Core FEA expertise:

Linear/Non Linear Analysis

Linear/Non Linear Analysis We can resolve simple to complex design issues with linear analysis. For large displacements and multiple non-linearity, we conduct non linear analysis for flawless product development.

Dynamic Analysis

Dynamic Analysis In case of cyclic loading on a structure our dynamic analysis solutions help, avoid unnecessary vibration excitation while functioning.

Fatigue & Fracture Analysis

Fatigue & Fracture Analysis We help clients identify and rectify the causes that lead to malfunctioning or failure of mechanisms. We are experts at crack infiltration and growth and fracture mechanics analysis.

Static Stress Analysis

Static Stress Analysis We determine the effect of static loading on a component. Static stress analysis results can further be used as a reference for fatigue failure analysis and design rectification.

Buckling Analysis

Buckling Analysis Our linear and non linear buckling analysis solutions prevent your design to buckle under pressure during loading and operational conditions.

Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis FEA experts measure the effect of heat transfer and heat loading and suggest solutions that make the mechanical design/system thermally stable, thus preventing failure.

Coupled Field Analysis

Coupled Field Analysis We specialize in direct and load transfer couple field analysis, and have handled projects for pressure vessel design, fluid flow construction, induction heating, ultrasonic transducers etc.

Manufacturing Process Simulation

Manufacturing Process Simulation We accurately simulate and improve manufacturing processes, like sheet metal forming, bulk metal forming, plastic injection molding etc.

Fluid Structure Interaction

Fluid Structure Interaction

We study how a shape interacts with air pressure and the flow distributions around it. Our FEA and CFD expertise combined, helps us extend the best FSI analysis and solutions.

Materials Characterization

Materials Characterization

We can fulfill comprehensive mechanical, thermal and micro-structural material characterization requirements, assisting clients through design and development stages.

Electromagnetic Analysis

Electromagnetic Analysis Functioning of products like induction heaters, transformers, actuators, ultrasonic motor etc depends on the electromagnetic phenomenon. We help our clients iterate designs and develop these products for higher quality and improved performance.

Design Optimization Consulting

Design Optimization Consulting Our experts conduct comprehensive FEA analysis, helping clients optimize their designs for better performance, and easy manufacturability.

NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) Analysis

NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) Analysis Experts at VisionCADD, combine their skills and experience of NVH analysis, to create well engineered designs and hence successful products.

We have a scalable infrastructure, the best FEA tools and software like Solidworks, NASTRAN, CosmosWorks, LS-DYNA, Ansys, HyperMesh and Pro-Mechanica.

Our finite element analysis exercise is aimed at reducing the requirement for repeated design iterations and prototyping, by developing flawless designs for improved performance and manufacturability.

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