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BIM Quantity Take-off Services

Get Precise Schedule & Estimate Through Our Accurate Quantity Takeoff Services.

VisionCADD provides quantity takeoff services for estimating the cost of construction project to general contractors, sub contractors, cost consultants, quantity surveyors etc. We understand the importance of an accurate quantity estimate in the overall success of the project.

Our engineers determine all the material details of the projects, the costs associated with each of the project components, the labour costs, the number of the components that are being used in the project and the related details. We always cross check our take-off details multiple times so as to guarantee our clients that they get access to the exact project information and the cost information.

The quantity take-off services at VisionCADD includes the details of:

BIM Quantity Take-off Services

We make use of the efficient building information modeling software so as to make the take-off process faster and precise. We perform coordinated checks of the comprehensive project details with that of the individual details of the various design departments.

We effectively integrate both the two dimensional and three dimensional data prior to performing the take-off of the building. With the help of dynamic counting facilities, we assure our clients of quicker data access. Our quantity take-off services are compatible with different types of file formats such as TIFF, JPG, PDF, DWF and other non-intelligent file formats.

We provide our services in different types of projects such as:

Architects, designers, general contractors and sub-contractors can use our quantity take-off services to come up with the respective budgets for the respective projects of their clients. Contractors can also avail our double check facilities of their current estimates.

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