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BIM Cost Estimation (5D Modeling) Services

VisionCADD is one of the leading engineering design service providers in India, offering accurate cost estimation or BIM 5D modeling services relating to the different types of architectural or structural projects.

We always aim at the effective cost savings of our clients by putting specialized emphasis on the cost estimating strategies.

VisionCADD offers the following cost estimation services:

BIM Coordination Services

We maintain a proper project work-flow so as to provide our cost estimation or BIM 5D modeling services efficiently. Our engineers and estimators follow a four step process to estimate the overall cost of a particular project.

First of all, we roughly run an estimate as per the initial plans and specifications of the projects. After that, we move to our conceptual evaluation phase and the development phase.

In these steps, we make any necessary modifications and deviations, as per the changes in the designs. In the final estimation phase, our engineers perform the comprehensive scanning of the project plans and perform the advanced quantity take-off procedures in order to get the accurate quantitative details of the project components. Finally, the complete cost estimation report is being calculated.

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