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BIM Coordination Services

VisionCADD provides accurate BIM coordination services at very cost-effective prices for different types of projects using advanced modeling software for merging renderings as a tool to simplify collaboration and improve overall project design.

Our BIM coordination services improve production value and significantly accelerate the planning and development process by providing to light areas of issue, disparity and unevenness in the design, whether it comes from any aspects of project.

Clients can rely on the architectural designs that we provide because the designs ensure optimum flexibility and coordination between the different components in the real time.

We provide the following BIM coordination services:

BIM Coordination Services

We follow certain defined steps for the efficient delivery of its BIM coordination services to the clients. First of all, our engineers gather all input data and start to prepare the separate models for all the specialized systems such as the foundation plans, floor plans, roof plans, mechanical systems, electrical systems, piping and plumbing systems and the HVAC systems etc. After having done all the models, we then integrate them in the 3D, 4D and the 5D domains.

We make use of specialized BIM coordination software such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit and NavisWorks so as to ensure the proper efficiency of the designs. Our BIM coordination services provides the clients with the accurate project designs, which can be fabricated and installed without any type of flaws.

Benefits that we offer through our BIM coordination services:

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