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AEC Services

Building Information Modeling - BIM Services

VisionCADD; delivers comprehensive Revit BIM services helping clients analyze concepts and get a thorough insight through the design, documentation and construction phase.

BIM Services

Integrating design and detailing into any AEC project with BIM expertise.

Our BIM solutions extend beyond design and planning. Using tools like AutoCAD BIM, Revit, ArchiCAD and Bentley MicroStation, we offer BIM services, which reflect across the building lifecycle through the processes of cost management, project coordination and facility operation.

We have a proven track record of delivering BIM solutions for easy interoperability, high levels of coordination and collaboration within departments, along with higher level of customization and flexibility.

Our building information models make it easy to detect conflicts enabling risk mitigation and further play a pivotal role in scheduling and cost optimization for construction projects.

Core BIM Services:

Architecture, Structure, MEP BIM Modeling

Our architectural, structural and MEP BIM services are replete with accurate detailing and can be effectively employed for both small and large scale construction projects.

Conflict & Clash Detection

We create flawless building information models, which help easy clash detection; further, our team collectively invests efforts for risk mitigation and design iterations.

Revisions & Change Management

Any changes or iterations in the design are immediately updated in the model. This allows all the teams involved in the design and construction, stay abreast with the revisions.

Design & General Arrangement Drawings

We create structural BIM detailing and general arrangement drawings with detailed structural and MEP arrangements.

Construction Documentation

Our team conducts thorough construction documentation, to facilitate easy look up for even the smallest details thus enabling easy and seamless communication at all levels.

3D Coordinated Model

Our 3D coordinated models provide a perfect setting for detecting clashes. Clashes between multiple systems can also be detected by integrating structural, and MEP coordinated models.

Point Cloud Modeling

Create accurate models for retrofit, refurbishment and renovation projects using our point cloud modeling service. We commonly combine scan-to-BIM models for existing buildings with models for new and renovated areas of a building.

Virtual Building Modeling & Virtual Construction

With our 3D virtual building creations, we offer different views of a project. Our virtual construction technology expertise helps clients get a detailed understanding of the project even before the construction begins.

Cost Planning

Our 5D BIM models, introduce the costing dimension to 4D models, thus enabling controlled expenditures in accordance with the estimations during the project lifecycle.

Quantity Take Offs

Our comprehensive take off solutions, extend accurate information on aspects of quantity, cost, time and locations. This allows the construction team; analyze BIM quantities at various levels.

Family Creation

We extend family creation services to a wide range of building and construction projects for commercial and residential buildings, infrastructural facilities, industrial construction etc.

Virtual Walk Through

We conduct highly detailed and demarcated walkthroughs, giving the construction team a clear picture of all the structural components, pipe work and MEP networking through the building.

Logistic Planning

BIM is an important and an indispensible part of logistic planning. We design BIM models that represent the site logistics to aid better construction management.

Construction Simulations

Our construction simulation services help our clients understand comprehensive construction process. They can further manage the project in limited resources as per a planned schedule.

Facility Management

Our BIM for facility management services provide a 3D environment where security, energy modeling and building automation can be integrated to facilitate energy efficiency and prevent equipment failures etc.

With the rising popularity of this technology, a lot of companies are outsourcing BIM services, to the Indian offshore. In this scenario, VisionCADD; has emerged as a leading India based BIM service provider.

We have worked for several well known international Architects, General Contractors, Developers, Building Owners and Construction Companies.

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